Description of PAH-V1 Hyperbaric Ventilator

The VersalVent Model V1 Hyperbaric Chamber Ventilator provides ventilatory support for pediatric and adult patients who require mechanical ventilator support while undergoing hyperbaric chamber therapy under the direction of a physician. The Device is completely pneumatically operated by pressurized oxygen sources from the hospital main oxygen source or by oxygen cylinders. The Device provides controlled ventilation  and imv ventilatory modes with operator-set inspiratory pressure relief capabilities

The pneumatic controller is a time cycled, volume constant, inspiratory flow adjustable, single circuit, that produces a square wave flow pattern only. It utilizes a special differential pressure regulator which partially compensates for hyperbaric chamber pressures as they occur. The external control knobs allow the operator to make tidal volume and respiratory rate changes during the management of the VersalVent Model V1 throughout HBOT procedures.

The controls of the Device are easily found on the front panel and the integrated mechanical monitoring  and safety systems provide for the breathing integrity of the patient at all times by the attending physician and healthcare professionals trained in hyperbaric oxygen/mechanical ventilator therapy.


Dimensions                                                                         Length-12 inches (30.48cm)

Width                                                                                   8 inches (20.32cm)

Height                                                                                  9.5 Inches (24.13cm)

Weight                                                                                 12 pounds (5.44kg)

Oxygen Inlet Pressure Requirement                             80 psi from dedicated ventilator supply source

Chamber Pressurization Range                                      1 ATA to 3 ATA

Tidal Volume Range                                                         150 ml to 1.0 L at 3 ATA

Breaths Per Minute Range                                              5 bpm to 40 bpm

Minute Volume Range                                                     2.25 L to 15 L at 3 ATA

Inspiratory Time Range                                                  0.5 seconds to 3.5 seconds

Expiratory Time Range                                                   1.0 seconds to 5 seconds

I:E  Range                                                                          1:5 to 3.5:1

Initial Inspiratory Flow Rate                                          0 L to 100 L at 1 ATA

Oxygen Flush Button Range                                          0 liters per minute to 50 liters per minute

Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation Range                 0 liters per minute to 25 liters per minute

Pressure Relief Valve Range                                          0 cmH2O to 85 cmH2O

Airway Pressure Gauge Range                                    -10 cmH2O to + 100 cmH2O

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