More Features of PAH-S1-3200

The PAH-S1-3200 monplace chamber is intentionally designed and fabricated to deliver safe, comfortable, and cost effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Patient Safety

  • The patient stop button inside the chamber allows the patient to pause the pressurization/depressurization of the chamber and notifies the operator.  The operator has option to allow or disallow patient control of this button.
  • The quick stop pressure control switch allows the chamber operator with a quick method of immediately pausing the chamber while pressuring/depressurizing the chamber. No need to dial back rate or set pressure. 
  • The dual-lock system, both mechanical and pneumatic locks, ensures the chamber door is completely locked and secure throughout the treatment.
  • 2 safety over pressure relief valves for preventing over-pressurization in the chamber.
  • 2 pre-integrated grounding ports, one on each side of the chamber for easy access.
  • Built-in “one click” switch, with safety latch, for operators to select the compressing gas, oxygen or air. The opposite gas is automatically delivered to patient mask when called for.
  • Emergency vent button design for providing rapid depressurization of the chamber during an emergence.
  • 3  filters, to prevent debris and moisture from entering any part of the system.
  • Complies with NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities, FDA 510(k) cleared, and 13485 certified.

Patient Comfort

  • 32” internal space brings a comfortable and spacious chamber environment.
  • A low streamlined bottom rail, along with the dished-bed mattress, maximizes the use of chamber space.
  • Environmental cooling system provides patients added comfort by cooling the temperature of the chamber atmosphere.
  • Up to 50 degree incline adjustable backrest for superior patient comfort.
  • Half steel/half acrylic chamber design saves oxygen cost. Do not need to turn ventilation as high to keep patient comfortable. Steel portion of the chamber disburses heat.
  • Dual adjustable vent blowers provide the patient with gently circulating gas during treatments. Having optional flow on patient’s head and face can reduce anxiety during treatment.
  • The all-in-one entertainment intercom system for patient entertainment.
  • A 19″ HD flat panel TV with built-in DVD player on the top of the chamber allows optimal visual entertainment experience.

User Friendly

  • All-inclusive training and operation packages.
  • The collapsible oxygen analyzer brings the flexibility to operators for monitoring the level of oxygen inside the chamber with ease.
  • 100% pneumatic control, gas pressure driven system.
  • 11 pass-through ports are provided for advanced care such as a transcutaneous oxygen monitor, IV pump, EKG monitor, NIBP, and/or ventilator.
  • Adjustable all-in-one control panel for operation flexibility, clarity, and easy access to chamber operation.
  • Right or left opening door design is available.
  • The custom designed intrinsically safe intercom system for effective communications between the operator and the patient.
  • A complete set of UHMS recognized treatment protocols provide easy to follow instructions for delivering safe and effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Cost Effective

  • The chamber is engineered and manufactured to provide the highest quality.
  • The width of the chamber allows it to be easily maneuvered on its own wheels within a hospital or other clinical building design.
  • The chamber is designed to require minimal alterations of the existing clinical setting.
  • Cost-saving environmental control system effectively decreases the amount of gas consumed for chamber operation.
  • One-year warranty on all parts for the first year of ownership.
  • Embedded treatment data logger to provide accurate and reliable documentation to ensure correct billing information with medical records.

Easy Maintenance

  • An easy to follow operation manual is provided.
  • Moisture traps reduce humidity in the chamber system.
  • Low-cost maintenance options are also available after warranty expiration.
  • The pneumatically control system avoids the downtime cuased by power outrage.


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