PAH-V1 Ventilator

Military medical team used a dive chamber with PAHi

PAH-V1 ventilator to save hurricane victims

PAH-V1-Multiplace Chamber

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Wound Care Awareness

Let’s hear from Jeff Tilton | CHT 

How ACMC Wound Healing Center Loves Their Patients

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How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Works

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Spotlight on America:

The Battle to Help Cure Concussions

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Dr. Dick Rutkowski Uses

PAHI’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber



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Philippine Government Ordered a PAHi Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

Philippine Chairman & Resident Representative Mr. Angelito T. Banayo from Manila Economic and Cultural Office visited PAHI’s Factory about the multiplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

The PAH-M10+2 Hyperbaric Chamber System is a Class A multiplace hyperbaric chamber designed to treat up to 10 patients, at up to a maximum operating pressure of 6 Atmospheres Absolute (ATA) or 73.5 pounds per sq. inch gauge (psig). The chamber uses compressed air as the pressurization gas and 100% oxygen as the hyperbaric treatment gas.