VersalVent Model V1

Hyperbaric Chamber Ventilator

Introduction to the PAH-V1 Hyperbaric Ventilator (VersalVent)

The VersalVent in a Monoplace setting showing performance while traveling from 1 ATA to 3 ATA without manipulating controls. (VersalVent available for Multiplace settings as well)

         Monoplace Chamber Setting                                       



         VersalVent Penetrator                                       



     Multiplace Chamber Setting                                Multiplace Chamber Setting

                  Multiplace Setting 


     Multiplace Chamber Setting                                 Breathing Circuit w/ I.M.V


I:E Time Control Knobs                                           Over Pressure Relief Valve


User Friendly Color Coded lines                            Capable of Giving Air Breaks



Introducing the newly redesigned VersalVent Model V1 Hyperbaric Chamber Ventilator available only from Pan-America Hyperbarics. An easy to use hyperbaric ventilator guaranteed to provide accurate and reliable function under any condition.

Key Features:

  • FDA 510 (k) Cleared
  • Automatic chamber pressure compensation for consistent volume output up to 3 ATA
  • Fully pneumatic control system – no electricity needed
  • Ability to drive the control system with oxygen or air
  • User friendly color coded lines with individualized fittings for 100% connection accuracy for patient safety
  • Oxygen flush button for emergent manual ventilation
  • Adjustable inspiratory flow
  • Built-in safety pressure relief valve
  • Square wave flow pattern output
  • Compatible for use with Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (PEEP)
  • Capable of Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (IMV)
  • Exclusive 4 in 1 universal penetrator for gas tubing
  • Pediatric and Adult Use
  • Ability to administer air-breaks
  • Fully portable
  • 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty

Description of VersalVent Model V1

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