VersalVent FAQs

Q: If I do not have a Pan-America Hyperbaric Chamber, can I still use the VersalVent Model V1 Ventilator?

A: Yes, the unique custom made penetrator for the gas tubing allows it to be compatible with all major brand monoplace and multi-place hyperbaric chambers.


Q: The VersalVent looks similar to other hyperbaric ventilators I have seen in the past, is it the same thing with just another name?

A: No, the VersalVent Model V1 is an exclusive design that was specifically engineered by PAHi to automatically maintain constant tidal volume with hyperbaric pressure changes as they occur up to 3 ATA.


Q: Will the VersalVent work inside a multi-place hyperbaric chamber?

A: Yes, if you wish to use the VersalVent under pressure inside a multi-place chamber, an easy modification can be made by Pan America, before it is installed, so that it will have the same ability to automatically maintain constant tidal volume up to 3 ATA as when it is placed outside the chamber.


Q: Why would I need a VersalVent, if my hospital already has a hyperbaric ventilator?

A: The VersalVent has US FDA 510(k) clearance for regulatory compliance. It is also very safe, reliable and user-friendly to satisfy your clinical needs.


Q: What are the options available to acquire the VersalVent?

A: PAHi offers a generous trade-in program for your existing ventilator and gives credit towards the purchace or lease of a new VersalVent, regardless of condition.

Flexible leasing options, according to your budget, are also available.

Please contact Pan-America for further details.

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